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Graph Information

This graphs plots the flags inside incoming queries. For example, if QR, AA, TC, RA, Z flags are set, the query can be rejected. RD, AD, CD and DO are legitimately set by some software.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
QR (query reply) flag n_q_flags_QR gauge      
AA (auth answer) flag n_q_flags_AA gauge      
TC (truncated) flag n_q_flags_TC gauge      
RD (recursion desired) flag n_q_flags_RD gauge      
RA (rec avail) flag n_q_flags_RA gauge      
Z (zero) flag n_q_flags_Z gauge      
AD (auth data) flag n_q_flags_AD gauge      
CD (check disabled) flag n_q_flags_CD gauge      
EDNS OPT present n_q_e_present gauge      
DO (DNSSEC OK) flag n_q_e_DO gauge